SAAS Business Viability Assessments

SaaS Optimization to Meet Growth Expectation


SaaS Validation

Utilizing cloud services to deliver SaaS is the business model of the future. The investments made in this space are proving to include huge growth returns and improve customer experience across all domains.

Shared Labs specializes in cloud technology services and has a rigorous discipline of evaluating client viability.

Certain key metrics are considered when making these viability and sustainability assessments and Shared Labs is the right company to help you reach your goals.



Across the enterprise it could be said that security is paramount to viability. We at Shared Labs understand the complexity of the security model that must be ever present across all aspects of your SaaS model. Security will play a key role in corporate operability and reputation of services.



Data integrity and relevance are essential to SaaS delivery. The experience that users expect along with the content that is consumed are key components of the success metrics of any SaaS model. Understanding this essential area is part of the stress analysis services performed by Shared Labs to ensure best of class data integrity and delivery.



Performance optimization and distributed load balancing across the distributed nodes of any SaaS model are imperative to keep user experience high and friction load low. Reducing the experience level of users will destroy growth. We at Shared Labs understand the elements and contributing factors to optimize the performing experience and enhance the user participation.



Growth and profitability are major considerations of deploying a SaaS based service. We at Shared Labs will promote ideas, technology and services to allow your company to reach its maximum revenue and user growth targets.



We contracted with Shared Labs to consult with our CMS development team on usability and mobile functionality best practices. They were able to identify possible usability issues with our mobile CMS menu structure, redesigned the menu navigation and moved our mobile CMS 3.0 into production. - J. Widdows

— (software services company)

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