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Internet Security

Internet security has become the single highest priority of most enterprise environments. Assaults by foreign adversaries are on the increase and have resulted in billions of dollars of compromised data and trade secrets becoming public or in use by competitors on the world stage.


Complex Variables Threaten Enterprise Security

The complexities that affect the security of data including the disparity of applications, platforms, users and integrations across an enterprise are daunting. Frequent and more sophisticated attacks are occurring daily with a more targeted and refined approach designed to breach the most impenetrable firewalls and access controls.


Robust SOC Solutions

Understanding how to securely manage these threats is what Shared Labs does by providing our clients a robust managed SOC-based offering to solve spiraling challenges.

A full featured SOC enables Shared Labs to solve client specific problems associated with security analytics, advanced threat detection, incident response, remediation, forensics, investigations, compliance, and reporting.


Advanced Partner Services

Shared Labs cyber security advisory and professional services promote stronger enterprise solutions using a full suite of MSSP technologies and full lifecycle management as a best practices stack including firewalls, IDS/IPS, host/endpoint security and SIEM resulting in a robust and integrated SOC capability (e.g., analytics, detection, incident response, remediation, forensics, investigations, compliance, and reporting).  

We contracted with Shared Labs to consult with our CMS development team on usability and mobile functionality best practices. They were able to identify possible usability issues with our mobile CMS menu structure, redesigned the menu navigation and moved our mobile CMS 3.0 into production. - J. Widdows

— (software services company)

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