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Public Cloud

In the cloud technology services area, we know that public cloud is the fastest growing part of the data center market. We also recognize that it’s an opportunity area that many companies do not meaningfully monetize today.

SharedLabs offers cost effective managed private clouds with an evolution path to public cloud; and opportunities to partner with the emerging white box vendors and build managed solutions around their offerings. SharedLabs has identified certain opportunities and pathways to open doors for and with our clients into this market; starting with basic account management, monitoring, and systems management within the public clouds and expanding all the way to our offerings in public cloud-centric services.


Container Technology Services

Our managed cloud services include Container technologies, such as those based on Docker, which are evolving to be game changers for us and our clients! Over time, we believe that these technologies and services we’ll replace the hypervisor technologies do we know today.

SharedLabs envisions container hosts and schedulers as standard IT components and as such we offer a full set of managed services for them. What’s exciting about container/Doctor technologies and our vision to support them is that it will provide further connectedness between the SharedLabs infrastructure client base and our impressive software and developer client base.


Hyper Converged Systems & White Box Technologies

SharedLabs also offers capabilities in building supporting and managing Hyper converged systems, white box technologies, and deeply private clouds and our capabilities can help clients drive down data center costs while improving security and performance.

We contracted with Shared Labs to consult with our CMS development team on usability and mobile functionality best practices. They were able to identify possible usability issues with our mobile CMS menu structure, redesigned the menu navigation and moved our mobile CMS 3.0 into production. - J. Widdows

— (software services company)

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