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With important statistics at your hand, you can easily evaluate and analyze the performance of your website. It is exactly where digital analytics come handy. SHAREDLABS  web analytics services aim to give you important insights in the form of data (traffic, visitors) so that you can tweak your strategy based on your visitors, interest and engagement with the website.

The biggest challenges in the digital world are speed and time. With everything happening so fast, organizations need to maintain a competitive edge in order to stay ahead. To create value in given time, the decisions need to be based on accurate and insightful data. Digital analytics can give your company the ability to apply real-time insights across the organization to reshape products, services and customer engagement. SHAREDLABS  can help your organization to realign its operating model so that customer preferences and requirements reflect throughout the buying / selling chain.


Advertisement & Campaign Performance Analysis

An effective digital marketing program plays a vital role in the success of any digital distribution campaign. Our advertisement and campaign performance analysis services will provide you critical insights as to how your PPC campaigns are performing. The digital marketing experts at SHAREDLABS  create easy to understand, comprehensive performance analysis reports that outline strengths and reveal the areas of opportunity.


Audience Behavior Analysis

Regardless of the industry you are engaged in, having a clear understanding of your intended audience is critical. We partner with our clients to define their target audience, their unique attributes, their needs and expectations and hence develop custom programs to engage. At SHAREDLABS , we focus on finding the most prominent and valuable audience members that can further our client's sales and marketing efforts.


Data Collection & Management

With the growth of the digital world, has come the challenge of managing tons of data being generated every day. Many organizations struggle in synchronizing data collection and management. Our fast, flexible data collection methodology focuses on creating accurate, consistent and transparent data content for clients with high emphasis on the usability of data for intended purpose and audience.


Sales & Conversions Optimization

Our digital marketing services are optimized to enable clients drive value out of their their digital marketing investments. We are a passionate team of highly experienced, industry recognized sales and conversion optimizers and user experience practitioners. At SHAREDLABS , we optimize your website for conversion, and convert visitors into customers. We ensure that your online presence is delivering you the right prospects at all times.


Analytics Reports & Dashboards

We provide you detailed Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to help you track the success of your online marketing endeavors. You get detailed reports for KPIs such as product sales, traffic patterns, visitor trends, daily interactions on the site, and more. While we evaluate historical performance, opportunities and recommendations for further campaign enhancement, we also provide you comprehensive analytics reports and dashboards.


Mobile Analytics

With an unprecedented growth in the number of mobile users, we are witnessing a surge in the demand for mobile analytics services. SHAREDLABS  mobile analytics service process involves- tagging mobile based websites and mobile applications; A/B testing of the in-app messaging, push messaging text, and call-to-actions; and lastly, putting together a weekly and monthly performance dashboard for mobile channel visitors.


Social Media Analytics

Social media analytics are crucial for organizations to understand and act upon the social media impact of their services, products, campaigns, markets and more. Our social media experts make an assessment of your current social media activity and locate any untapped opportunities. We provide you customized reports that help you diagnose, repair, build and optimize your social media marketing strategy.

We contracted with Shared Labs to consult with our CMS development team on usability and mobile functionality best practices. They were able to identify possible usability issues with our mobile CMS menu structure, redesigned the menu navigation and moved our mobile CMS 3.0 into production. - J. Widdows

— (software services company)

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